New Pavilion

In 2017, Latin America’s greatest footwear fair, Couromoda, continues to be held at Expo Center Norte – one of the most modern exhibition complexes in the continent, located in São Paulo.

Expo Center Norte

Considered the most modern and versatile pavilion nowadays, the Expo Center Norte already hosts 80 fairs and 700 congresses a year, with over 1.5 million professional visitors. Its events attend to 55 economic sectors and bring together over 16,000 exhibitors. 

The exhibition center is part of the Cidade Center Norte, one of the most important business complexes in Latin America, situated only 5 minutes away from the Marginal Tietê expressway and 30 minutes from Guarulhos International Airport and Congonhas airport. 

Cidade Center Norte was born from one of São Paulo’s first shopping malls, Shopping Center Norte, which has 500 stores and is considered the shopping mall with the highest invoicing per square meter in Brazil. It is also part of the Shopping Lar Center complex, with 100 decoration stores and a top class hotel, the Novotel Center Norte.

The international standard structure further enhances contact between exhibitors and retailers

The five pavilions of the exhibition complex, as well as the convention rooms, have last-generation central air conditioning, broadband Wi-Fi and internet facilities. 

From the extensive entrance hall, that greets visitors into a modern and and welcoming setting there are five access points to the fair. This hall is also the location of four registration areas, an extensive ESC(Exhibitor Support Center), luggage lockers, an information desk and escalators and elevators that lead to the two convention floors. 

The internal streets of the new COUROMODA floor plan were sized to make access to all sectors easy and quick. This enhances the attractiveness of all areas at the pavilion, setting a new pace for circulation and distributing visitors throughout the fair. 

Thanks to the modern construction system of Expo Center Norte, in addition pavilion has its own food court. Besides the 2 large restaurants that will be installed at the mezzanine floors, all pavilions will have strategically located food courts. Furthermore, beginning in 2016 the pavilion will have a new and extensive Catering Center/Food Court. 

Also worthy of note are the 30 restroom units with new, functional facilities distributed throughout the five pavilions, ensuring quality of service and saving deployment time.

The pavilion’s services optimize operating costs for exhibitors

One of the major advantages of moving COUROMODA to Expo Center Norte is that exhibitors can save money with series of services that are already incorporated to the pavilion. 

Starting with the air conditioning, which accounts for a large portion of the costs of stands in pavilions that do not provide this comfort. With central air conditioning in all areas of Center Norte, exhibitors can dispense the use of individual air conditioning units (which are not permitted) and design stands that are lower with modern and practical design. 

Another advantage of the new address is the existence of 21 modular rooms on the two floors of the Expo Center Norte Convention Center.  

The rooms will be available to:
•   Function as exhibition areas; 
•   House lounges and networking areas that exhibitors may want to provide to their customers; 
•   Hold advance conventions of exhibitors and their teams; 
•   Hold talks, training sessions or actions that exhibitors and/or class entities wish to add to the agenda of the fair.